In order to stand apart in the competitive education sector, educational institutions must focus on creating an excellent experience for their students, from the time when they are prospective candidates for the course to when they become alumni.

To develop an exemplary learning environment for students, teaching and administrative staff need to focus on mission-critical tasks and find time from handling large volumes of incoming calls and responding to other routine communication. Additionally, timely outbound communication could be the key to convincing a prospective student to enrol, versus taking admission in another competitor institution.

We provide your educational organization with essential customer service support through our 24x7x365 multi-channel contact centre.

We provide answering service and inbound and outbound contact centre services for students, parents / guardians, benefactors, event / college festival attendees, and more.

In the education sector, seasonal call volume expands at certain times of the year, such as at the start of enrolment when applications come in and at the commencement of a semester when financial aid-related enquiries increase.

Our contact centre professionals are rigorously trained in communicate etiquette and ensure that every conversation, be it with a student or parent / guardian, builds the reputation of your educational institution.

Manning the phones or responding to prospective leads on the website could take up precious resources of your organization.

We offer College Festival / Event / Conference Registrations,Administrative Support, Bookstore Support, Student Lead Generation.

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