Our senior consultants can make this happen by facilitating your back office outsourcing process. We are true industry professionals that understand back office outsourcing and have the resources to put top quality, cost effective agents to work for you today!

Tasks related to data cleansing that can be outsourced include- removing duplicate and invalid records, addition of missing details and variables, interlinking multiple data sources, correcting values, and so on.

To conduct online research to develop competitive information or search the internet to build databases, hiring an international agency is the best way to complete this task quickly and efficiently.

Converting one file format into another is a task that can be easily done by our experts. It includes: HTML and XML conversion, eBook conversion, document conversion, PDF conversion and more.

Transferring collected form data into an electronic system is of immense importance if your company intends to leverage information for business use. Data processing of market research, insurance, medical, legal, registration, shipping, enrolment, and loyalty forms.

Significant pressure will be taken off the accounting team when data entry from invoices and purchase orders (in any digital format), credit and debit memos, and updating of the CMS, business application software and document management systems are outsourced.

In an age when e-Commerce is thriving, several tasks such as adding product descriptions, features and specifications, adding images, organizing products according to categories and subcategories, adding prices for products and data entry for online catalogues can be outsourced.

Transcription Outsourcing can be a cost effective alternative to performing the service in-house

Manual data entry also becomes important when data has to be entered in software, such as the CMS or CRM applications.

Many companies that deal with documentation find that they need some assistance when it comes to word-processing related activities. Outsourcing tasks such as placing bookmarks and hyperlinks, inserting header and footer, caption numbering and labelling, and creating a table of contents, can deliver the right results.

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